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Provides shared storage that players can use when placing buildings and workers
10 Stone.png Stone
10 Planks.png Planks
Woodworking Research

Barns are special storage structures. Any item you place there is usable when placing a new building or purchasing an upgrade.

How to build[edit | edit source]

Building upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Cost Storage
1 None 200 (50 per slot)
2 100 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Planks.png Planks 400 (100 per slot)
3 200 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick 600 (150 per slot)
4 500 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Iron Plate.png Iron Plate 800 (200 per slot)
5 1000 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Reinforced Planks.png Reinforced Plank 1000 (250 per slot)

Notes[edit | edit source]

When placing a barn, you have the option to set an Item filter which allows you to choose what items are able to be placed inside the storage compartment.

  • Select one of the 4 slots
  • an UI will be shown center of your screen, where you can then select an item filter for the specific slot you have clicked.
  • Note that the "item filter" area below the "storage" area is for the Output of the building, not for filtering the storage container.

Compare with Silo,

  • Barn can store store 50 items per slot, so barn can store total 200 items, but Silo can store 100 items.
    • Additionally, barns can be upgraded to increase storage.
  • Barn can store 4 different types of items, but Silo can store only one type of item.
  • Items stored in barn could be used to build. Barn's inventory is considered as Shared Inventory, But Silo is not.