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Blocks are place-able objects that affect your world in several various ways. They do not hold an inventory. However they do have many other properties which fall into a few broad subcategories;

Path[edit | edit source]

Paths alter the movement of units and/or items. They are usually not stack-able on their own.

Foot Path.png Foot Path
Chute.png Chute
Road.png Road
Rail.png Rail
Cloth Conveyor Belt.png Cloth Conveyor Belt
Metal Conveyor Belt.png Metal Conveyor Belt
Magic Conveyor Belt.png Magic Conveyor Belt
Steam Pipe.png Steam Pipe
Mana Pipe.png Mana Pipe

Structure[edit | edit source]

These blocks occupy physical space and may alter walk-able and build-able attributes for paths placed on top of them.

Scaffold.png Scaffold Block
Scaffold.png Scaffold Ramp
Stairs.png Half Stairs
Road.png Road Ramp
Scaffold.png Wood Arch
Scaffold.png Stone Arch
Scaffold.png Wood Pillar Scaffold
Scaffold.png Stone Pillar Scaffold
Scaffold.png Wood Bridge
Scaffold.png Stone Bridge

Logistics[edit | edit source]

These blocks can dynamically modify the flow of workers or items on underlying paths. They are placed as overlays on top of structural blocks or paths.

Pusher.png Pusher
Sorter.png Sorter
Grabber.png Grabber
WorkerWaiting.png Splitter
WorkerWaiting.png Blocker
WorkerWaiting.png Filter
WorkerWaiting.png One Way
WorkerWaiting.png Barrier Gate
Slot Input.png Rail Stop

Computation[edit | edit source]

These blocks act as sensors for world data or accept inputs from other blocks, perform specified calculations, and send out an output value. They can be chained together to create complex functions.

WaterCrystal.png Agent Trigger
Logic Xor.png Bool Function
Logic Xor.png Counter Block
Logic Delta.png Delta Block
Logic Xor.png Inventory Sensor
Logic Xor.png Logic Lamp
Logic Xor.png Logic Pusher Block
Logic Xor.png Logic Set Block
Logic Xor.png Math Block
Logic Signal Gate Open.png Signal Gate
Logic Timer.png Timer Block
Logic Toggle.png Toggle
Logic Water Sensor.png Water Sensor

Steam Plane[edit | edit source]

These blocks can only be placed upon the steam plane (Default-Key: T)

Steam Pipe.png Steam Pipe
Steam Pipe.png Steam Connector

Mana Plane[edit | edit source]

These blocks can only be placed upon the mana plane (Default-Key: G)

Mana Pipe.png Mana Pipe
Mana Pipe.png Mana Connector
WorkerWaiting.png Neutral Filter
WorkerWaiting.png Fire Filter
WorkerWaiting.png Water Filter
WorkerWaiting.png Earth Filter
WorkerWaiting.png Air Filter
WorkerWaiting.png Fire Node
WorkerWaiting.png Water Node
WorkerWaiting.png Earth Node
WorkerWaiting.png Air Node

Function[edit | edit source]

These blocks are laid on the ground and alter the properties of buildings which are nearby them. They are usually not stack-able.

Grain.png Farm Tile
Animal Feed.png Tree Planter

Decoration[edit | edit source]

These blocks are mainly available to offer a sense of creativity and does usually not offer functionality. Even though you can use fences and walls to prevent workers from interacting with buildings. This comes in handy with unfiltered barns or silos.

Fence.png Fence
Stone Wall.png Stone Wall