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House Lvl1.png
Increases population capacity, and also consumes goods in exchange for coins
15 Wood.png Wood

Houses are needed to build up the population and collect coins. One does need more Houses, when the capacity is reached. Houses can be upgraded to provide more worker and to access to more goods, providing more coins.

You need to keep Houses satisfied by bringing them food, general goods, medicine and specialty goods, depending on their level.Click here for House Supply Logic. If a lot of Houses are satisfied, your production will go up.

Cost[edit | edit source]

15 Wood.png Wood

Available upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Amount of worker slots Accepts Upgrade Cost Picture
1 2 Food -
House Lvl1.png
2 4 Food, General goods 20 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 5 Planks.png Planks
House Lvl2.png
3 6 Food, General goods, Medicinal 50 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 5 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick
House Lvl3.png
4 8 Food, General goods, Medicinal, Specialty Goods 100 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 5 Cloth.png Cloth
House Lvl4.png
5 10 Food, General goods, Medicinal, Specialty Goods 200 Coin Red.png Red Coins + 10 Reinforced Planks.png Reinforced Planks
House Lvl5.png

Happiness and consumption[edit | edit source]

Happiness is determined on how many needs of a House is satisfied. There are 50 types of needs divided into 5 categories.

When a House receives an item, coins are received. Its inhabitants will consume the item as soon as possible. Upon consumption, the consumption and happiness gauges fill up for that good category. At the same time the consumption gauge will start to empty. When this first gauge is totally empty, the house will either consume another item for that category starting the cycle anew, or start draining its happiness gauge. Only when the happiness gauge is empty will the house stop being happy for that good.

The 2 gauges are displayed on the house window when double clicking it. In the market building window, for each type of good, the number of happy house is displayed as well as the ratio of consuming and happy houses.

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