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'House's are needed to build up the population and collect coins. One does need more Houses, when the capacity is reached. Houses can have an upgrade for more capacity and a bigger production of coins.

Recipe of a House in 0.37

You need to keep Houses satisfied by bringing them food, general goods, medicine and speciality goods, depending on their level. If a lot of Houses are satisfied, your production will go up, if there are not a lot of Houses satisfied, your production will go down.

House in 0.37

cost[edit | edit source]

15 Wood.png Wood

Available upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Amount of worker slots Accepts Upgrade Cost Consumption rate
1 2 Food -
2 4 Food, General goods 10 Gold.png Gold + 5 Planks.png Planks ?
3 6 Food, General goods, Medicinal 40 Gold.png Gold + 5 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick ?
4 8 Food, General goods, Medicinal, Specialty Goods 100 Gold.png Gold + 10 Cloth.png Cloth ?
5 10 Food, General goods, Medicinal, Specialty Goods 200 Gold.png Gold + 10 20px Reinforced Plank ?

Happiness and consumption[edit | edit source]

Happiness is determined on how many needs of a House is satisfied. There are 16 types of needs divided into 4 categories.

When a House receives an item, coins are received. It takes a few seconds for the House consume the product. After that, the satisfaction bar of the type of the product will go up. In time, the satisfaction will go down. Whenever the satisfaction bar is not completely drained, it provides happiness bonus of 1.

It takes 2 minutes and 45 seconds for satisfaction to drain from full to empty. The percentage of the bar that each of a given item fills is shown next to its category in the economy menu.


Food: Grain, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, and dairy.

General goods: Materials, clothing, tools and gadgets.

Medicinal goods: Bandages, Salves, potions, and spellbooks.

Specialty goods: Advanced gadgets, magic, jewelry and gourmet.

How to gain Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins Coin Red.png Red Coins Coin Blue.png Blue Coins Coin Purple.png Purple Coins