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Pasture is a building. It has various recipes available to create things like fertilizer, eggs,wool and more!

fertilizer produced at a Pasture can be used for various things such as fuel and farm tiles

How to build[edit | edit source]

  • Open the Build Menu (B)
  • Hit "Building" (D)
  • Select "Pasture" (A)
  • Left-click to build in a 3x3 area

Cost[edit | edit source]

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Next lvl Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Lvl 2 100 20px Gold_Coins 20 Planks.png Planks
Lvl3 200 20px Gold_Coins 20 Stone Brick.png Stone_Brick
Lvl 4 500 20px Gold_Coins 20 Iron Plate.png Iron_Plate
Lvl5 1000 20px Gold_Coins 20 20px Earth_cristal

Recipes[edit | edit source]


Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Animal Feed (Grain Mill)