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Workers are an element in the game Factory Town. They are primarily used to harvest and transfer items from point A to B. You can add workers from the Build (B) Menu and select Workers

From ver.130 ,worker behavior can be multi copy to same type.

Worker types[edit | edit source]

If in no need to move, a worker can "pass" (pick from one structure and drop in another) its full capacity each second.

Type Image Capacity Cost Function
Worker thumb 1 1 Pop.

Gold Coins

Allows the harvest and collection of items. Can not mine hard materials. Has smaller size than a tile, therefore if ordered to transport goods between structures separated by a tile, will have to walk through that tile, decreasing "passing" efficiency from 1/s to ~ 0.78/s.
Wagon thumb 4 1 Pop.

40 Gold Coins, 4 Wood Wheel, 4 Planks

Can quickly carry multiple items between buildings, especially on roads. Can not harvest items.
Caravan thumb 8x4=32 1 Pop.

250 Gold Coins, 4 Iron Wheel, 10 Reinforced Plank

A high-capacity vehicle.
Harvester Drill thumb
Harvester Drill.png
12 2 Pop.

200 Gold Coins, 6 Iron Wheel, 10 Gear, 20 Iron Plate

Slow moving but powerful drill with a high carrying capacity. Can harvest hard materials that other workers cannot.
Minecart thumb 20 100 Gold Coins

Iron Wheel 10 Iron Plate

Allows transfer of a large quantity of goods over long distances. It achieves the "passing" efficiency of 20 units per second if placed on a 2x2 rail loop (it can't "pass" goods while standing in place, as a rail stop can't point at different directions at the same time). You can double or triple the amount of carts on the loop, as well as increase the loop size, as longer loops (with maxed amount of carts on it) are less empty, so maximum "passing" efficiency of a rail loop is (length-1)/length * 80.

Doesn't require population to be operated.

Fishing Boat thumb 8 1 Pop.

80 Gold Coins 40 Planks 20 Nails

A worker unit that can travel on water and harvest fish. Can't transport goods from one structure to another.
Cargo Boat thumb 20x4=80 2 Pop.

500 Gold Coins, 20 Iron Plate, 20 Reinforced Plank

A high-capacity boat that can carry many items.